We're shutting down the 1.12.2 Towny as we will be relaunching as 1.13.2
with a number of fresh new features and a completely new map, economy - focusing more on player based economy - and land claim system as requested by you, the players.

Donors will carry over their ranks & kits, but everything else will be a complete fresh start as we've made a number of changes.
*We plan on having a blast before we do this!*

We would like to invite all players to take their "best" pic of their town, residence, or memorable area and forward a link ( Imgur? ) here to for our website gallery. The server will be open for players to come take these pics for submission from now until Sunday (Jan 20th) night.

*Starting on Monday, January 21st the Towny server will be entering the "Days of Destruction"!*
During this time:
-No land protections
-All regular players will be upgraded to ArchMage
-Donors will receive added perks, with higher ranks getting more / higher perks*
-TNT will be enabled

*hey Archmage - Creeper eggs & armor with blast protection, just for a start... Who wants kittycannon?

Do not be sad to lose your builds - if all works as planned, we will eventually have a copy of this [pre-destruction] world on the creative server where you can make your home into the Dreamhome you always wanted.