The portal is open... beware!! What to expect when you go through the portal? Read further...

You don't have access to the portal until you can prove your worth by finding all the Ghosts that escaped and are trapped in spawn, so we have a Ghost scavenger hunt on Now!

More info on the Ghost Scavenger Hunt:

- There are 10 Ghost skulls scattered throughout spawn. To get you started off, if you ./spawn you will see one on the ground right in front of you.

- You need to find, and right-click all these ghosts.. It will show your progress as you go along. Do not be concerned if Sha-Wed-Sens tries to warn you off, you're not doing anything wrong by clicking them.

- Tips on finding the ghosts: They are all within the spawn walls. You will not have to open anything (ie they aren't hidden in chests or traps), but you may need to use lift signs and will definitely be doing some stair climbing.

When you find all 10 ghosts, you will be rewarded with $2,500, a diamond sword, and will be able to enter the portal to the Land of the Dead. We highly recommend you prepare yourself with weapons, armor, food, and possibly even some building supplies because the dead are truly out to get you!

More info on the Land of the Dead:

- When you come through the portal, you will be in the SafeZone located in the Land of the Dead. You should be safe from monsters and other players while in this zone.

- You can interact with items, but you cannot break or build things in this zone.

- This SafeZone is surrounded by fencing and glowstone. Once you leave this area, you are vulnerable to attack... from pretty much everything.

- The ability to ./fly is disabled in this world to maintain the hardcore aspect of this gameplay.

- Scattered throughout the Land of the dead are various graves. If you dig up these graves, you'll find some have loot of varying types to help you along your way.

- Occasionally, you will come across a different type of build, a tomb. If you dig deep below it, you'll find custom dungeons with higher tier loot in some chests. Be prepared though... they are full of mobs... and they are not friendly!

- Beware, there are custom mobs throughout the realm - be especially alert for the ghosts as they are truly invisible and you probably won't see them as much as the weapon they're going to attack you with.

>>Good Luck, you'll need it!<<