Forgotten Empires: Yggdrasil is now open!

You've probably noticed that FE had died off drastically in recent times. We decided it would be a great time to make a completely fresh start with a total reset, and as such have made many changes. Donor ranks will be carried over, and it's looking like probably Enjin points will as well.
We started working on this back last year, but now we've finally opened the new Network, setup on our new dedicated server with an awesome new host :)

What is Yggdrasil, and why did we choose that name?

Yggdrasil is known as the world tree in the Norse mythology. Yggdrasil has 3 roots, leading to different worlds. The first root leads to the world of the humans, Midgard, and also to the home of the Gods, Asgard. The second root leads to Jotunheim which is the home of the giants. And lastly the third root leads to the underworld, Nifelheim.
We chose to use this name because of that feature of the tree. We see all our servers on the network to be the worlds that are connected to the roots.

When you join for the first time, you'll be in the Lobby. You can choose where you wish to go from there, at this time we have the new Towny Reforged server available with much more to come - including a Creative server and games servers - watch for announcements as they're completed!

There are several changes from the old server that you'll notice on Towny Reforged with this reset.
No mods, please! This includes minimaps, Forge, Liteloader, etc.

Whole new Spawn
Our team has done an outstanding job at setting up the new spawn areas in the Overworld, Nether and End realms! You can find most of what you need at ./spawn, whether you want to rent a shop & live upstairs, buy some basic materials, or see what the Town Crier has to say for the day. We have all sorts of characters hanging out around the main spawn (Look out for the Baker, he's a bit cheeky).

New worlds to explore

We have new Nether & End worlds to battle, explore & enjoy. We are going to be adding the Afterlife back too, and some other alternate realities will become available for you - if you can find them!

Custom mobs to find & battle
What the ** was that? A custom mob that tried to kill you, that's what! We'll have more of these guys, and some adventures including them, coming up in the future.

Custom dungeons
OK, so you're wandering randomly in the wild, and find some sort of ruins. It looks like it must have been an epic build, maybe a century ago... and wait, there's a way down underneath it! You might want to have some good gear on you to check these out ;)

New features to aid your gameplay, and add realism
- Don't die and lose all that hard-earned XP! Save it in a bottle! Store it, sell it, give it - up to you. Recipe located at the cathedral, 3rd floor.
- Working hard at that Diggy Diggy Hole, mining away, and what's this? A mysterious item shows up in your inventory? Huh...Awesome :)
- Now you can tame, protect, sell, and TP your horses. For more information, see ./warp HorseTrack in-game for details. Custom tools: double-headed axes, sickles & chisels.. more to come... plus custom armor is in the future. 3rd and 4th floor at the Cathedral have some interesting notes about these you'll want to check out.
- Spawn now includes a blacksmith shop. You can buy metal goods here, and he can repair your worn tools & armor as well. He will charge depending on the material, enchants, and amount of durability needed for full repair. He's located at ./spawn. Please note - he's not great with armor, he usually just makes you wear it instead of fixing it, and if you have custom items he may not be talented enough to fully repair them. We do have an apprentice in training for those, hopefully he can be up to the job soon.
- Playershops are now easier to create. Simply place a chest in your playershop, hold the item in hand that you want to sell, and punch it. Enter the cost in chat as prompted. No more remembering how to setup signs. Plus, you get a cool hologram of what you're selling above the chest!
- We've increased the number of homes available to each rank.
- A translator makes it possible to hover over non-english chat & understand what is being said!
- Tired of mining, building, & killing mobs... visit the tavern at spawn, where you can enjoy a beverage and ./gb to play a game. You can enjoy on your own, or take on a friend.

New ranks, & updated ranking system and perms

- After reaching Emperor rank, you may miss the challenge of playing & moving up through the ranks. You can prestige to "Legendary" where you will essentially start over at Hunter level, but this time through you'll have added perks: Faster McMMo leveling & lower cooldown, Jobs boost, ability to create larger MagicBottles, and Fly. You'll also have access to more ./home and ./pv as well.
- Earl will no longer have ./fly, that can be earned through the points store, reaching Legendary, or becoming a donor.
- Access to heads through ./hdb, starting at Hunter rank. Please note, you only start with access to Animals. As you rank up, you'll have access to more categories and when you are Emperor, you get them for free!

- We've added Quests to the server! There are a couple setup and ready to go now, we have more on the way!

Expanded BuildComp area
- Buildcomp is setup now so that we can offer larger or smaller builds. Max size is now 60x60, in the future we may actually host creative buildcomps on the Creative server.

You may notice a few other changes as well. The world is smaller than the previous server as we want lots of room to grow and incorporate 1.13 features when the time comes. (only new, unloaded chunks will update). We've also made a few things harder to achieve (fly, diamond armor in kits, for example). Some of these things were too easy to achieve, which led to players having no goal and then getting bored faster.